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About us
Bring information to rural people
Developing economies are slowly beginning to understand that bringing information to its rural populace is of utmost importance to the country’s development. Whereas there is great concentration of information at the macro level, there is hardly any of this filtering down to the micro level. Any progress will therefore depend on the reforms brought into public institutions that are the repositories of information.
Facilitate informed decision-making
Any reform process that is serious about ringing in changes will have to take a hard look at the poor access to information at the micro, regional level. Developing and implementing development policies requires that there are clear-cut frameworks that will provide flexibility in planning and enable informed decision-making at the macro as well as the micro level.
Software support at rural level
Information and its analysis at the regional/local level are indispensable to any process of change and organizational learning. Hardware infrastructure and software support at the rural level will, therefore, play as important a role as that played by traditional rural infrastructure at present.
Open the vast opportunities of information to rural areas
Future reforms will have to be broad based in order to be sustainable. Physical boundaries are ‘receding’ as information highways and networks open up the frontiers. These point directly to the vast opportunities lying dormant in rural areas, and consequently, to the pressing need to make rural areas a part of the reform process.
Access to information will empower the rural poor
The ownership of analytical tools and the capacity to use them is now the greatest asset the poor can have. Access to information will empower the rural poor, help them to make informed decisions and fight poverty.
Bring these changes now
The time to bring in these changes is now, and only those who have benefited least from the present course of development must be supported to initiate the process to empowerment and development.
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