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Work accomplished

A. Chitlamkunta
  1. Household database in Telugu
  2. Fluoride Survey: Survey Presentation of results to the Villagers
  3. Tanks and WUAs Survey in Mahbubnagar and Anantapur Districts
  4. i. Translation of questionaire in Telugu
    ii. Writing database in Telugu
    iii. Survey and data entry done by the facilitators
B. Timbaktu Collective: Development of Village Information System in Telugu in Haryancheruvu
C. Study for Irrigation Department
  1. Analysis of irrigation efficiency, distribution efficiency, field application efficiency and water use efficiency in KC Canal.
  2. Training key functionaries and selected project leaders in the Irrigation Department (two training programmes with the engineers in April), Ground Water Department and APSRAC (in January) on the issues of geographical analysis of the existing pattern of water utilization and efficiencies and appreciation of basin-specific features for decision-making on water-use efficiency.
  3. Analysis of petitions in Minor Irrigation.
  4. Multi-criteria analysis to identify different policy issues and prepare district plans based on geographical areas with similar problems.
D. Papers Presented
  1. Paper presented at the Eighth International Seminar on Participatory Irrigation Management in Tarbes, France.     (Download)
  2. Follow up on Tarbes : Participation in the 1st African Irrigation Workshop (1er Salon de l’Irrigation Africain) in Burkina Faso.       (Download)
  3. Presentation at IWMI workshop on Water and Poverty, 27th July 2005, at ICRISAT, Hyderabad.       (Download)
  4. Presentation at Groundwater Management Workshop, 18th and 19th August 2005, at the Indo-American Centre for International Studies (IACIS) , Hyderabad.
  5. Invitation to participate at the 5th IWMI-Tata Annual Partnersí Meet on 8th--10th March 2006 in Anand.
E. Study on Visual Perception by Villagers
F. CD-ROM with Animated Maps
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